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Elyse Furlong has successfully worked with Bach Flower Essences since 1985.
She graduated from the first International Bach Flower Training Program held in the
United States and is a member of the International Registry of Bach Practitioners.
Elyse holds a Masters Degree in Public Health Education and is also a Black Sect
Feng Shui Practitioner. She combines the ancient wisdom of feng shui and the
brilliant teachings of Dr. Bach in order to enhance her client's lives.


            When first working with the essences, it may be difficult to know which ones to take. Initially, many
            people say, "I think I need all of them!" Emotions are universal, and we each have all of the negative
            emotions described within this system. The key is to identify the ones that are most pressing, and
            treat them first. Like peeling an onion, we address what is on the outer layers, and as that clears,
            we progress deeper until we reach the core - where joy, peace, trust, faith, compassion and harmo-
            ny reside. As a practitioner, I can assist you in identifying which essences best meet your current
            needs. Consultations are equally effective in person, over the phone or by correspondence. Ulti-
            mately, through learning more, you will be able to select remedies for yourself and your loved ones.

            Sets of Essences

            We carry complete sets of essences from two manufacturers. The Nelson's brand of essences
            come in 10ml bottles and a full set includes two bottles of Rescue Remedy™
            Cost:  $399.00 plus shipping and handling.

            The Healing Herbs brand of essences come in 7.5 ml bottles and a full set includes two bottles of
            Five Flower Formula™(same as Rescue Remedy™)
            Cost:  $180.00 plus shipping and handling.

            Fees for consultations:

            All consultations include a three-week supply of your personalized flower essences mixture.

            One hour (initial) consultations - $90
            Half hour (follow-up) consultations - $50
            Shipping and handling $5 (priority mail)

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