flower essence flower essence and emotional healing flower essence and inner harmony
  Flower Essences can help each of us find true inner harmony. Often we feel powerless to control our negative emotions such as stress, depression, fear, procrastination, worry, add- iction, confusion or anger. By changing our emotions, we can change our thoughts. If we change our thoughts, we can change our behavior. Most importantly, if we can change our behavior, we can change our lives. But how do you change your emotions? Bach Flower Essences™ give us the ability to bring our emotions into balance and to respond to the
world with faith, hope and optimism.
Learning Dr. Bach's simple system for emotional healing will make you feel like you have thirty eight new best friends. No matter how devastat- ing the circumstances of your life, or whether it's day or night, you can call on these friends and they will always be there for you. They will give you courage when you are afraid. They will help you feel refreshed when you're exhausted. They will bring you back to the present moment when you are lost in the past or future. When you're stressed, they will calm you. They will assist you tirelessly and timelessly.  
It is the goal of Essential Harmony to further Dr. Edward Bach's desire that people everywhere would understand how to use his flower essences and have access to a set of his 38 flower re- medies. He wanted to empower people to have control over
their own emotions. Just as when we're hungry we reach for food, he hoped that when we felt afraid we could reach for the essence, Mimulus.
Elyse particularly enjoys working with children and parents. By giving children the tools they need to overcome pessimism, feelings of rejection, fear, low self esteem, hyperactivity, anger and other challenging emotions, we free them to claim their birthright and lead productive, successful and joy filled lives.