Everyone! People of all ages and all stages of life benefit from Flower Essences. Whether you're addressing depression, lack of confidence or facing major life changes like divorce or losing your job, Flower Essences will reduce your stress and ease your emotional burdens.

Growing up made easier with Flower Essences
Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could reach into the medicine cabinet next to the band-aids and find the perfect natural remedy to treat your child's emotional bumps and bruises? A band-aid and a kiss do wonders for scraped knees. But when the "owies" are emotional rather than physical, they need more than a kiss or your empathy to overcome the distress.

    Childhood holds many painful experiences that parents
    often feel helpless to fix

    • Rejection by friends
    • Moving to a new home or school
    • Physical challenges or illness
    • Divorce
    • Death of a parent or loved one
    • Poor self image
    • Learning difficulties

    Flower Essences can be your ally. Each essence
    has a specific job to do.When used appropriately
    they can subtly but effectively bring your child
    back into balance. Your child may experience lack
    of confidence, shame, indecision, jealousy, impatience,
    anger or fear. Perhaps they are having difficulty with change,
    be it an infant being weaned, a five year old going to school for the first time, or a teenager facing issues relating to puberty, dating or becoming independent. You can help your child move beyond their
    limitations. With access to a set of 38 essences you literally have the ability to effectively overcome the negative emotions that your child experiences.

    Adult Case Study            Kids Case Study

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