Flower Essences Overcome Phobia
Allan (not his real name) was four years old, and he loved splashing around in the
pool with his water wings on but he was deathly afraid to put his face into the water.
His mother was anxious for him to learn to swim because of the statistics about the
number of children who drown each year in pools, so she enrolled him in a kiddy swim,
class. Allan hated these classes and every morning he would cry and plead with her to
stay home. Rather than forcing him to go to class, she decided to hire a private swim
coach hoping that the personal attention would ease his fears. The instructor that she hired
told her that he'd never met a child that he couldn't teach to swim.
In fact, he said, "If I can't
teach Allan to swim in ten lessons, I'll refund your money." After the fifth lesson,he suggested
to this mother that they discontinue the lessons -
Allan 's fear fear of putting his face in the water
was so extreme that teaching him to swim was proving impossible.

                              It was at this point that Allan's mom contact-
                              ed me. I suggested that he be given essence
                              Mimulus which is for known fears (fears that
                              can be identified). I also suggested Walnut to
                              faciltate the change that we were looking for
                              (comfort rather than panic with his face in the
                              water). About a week after he began taking these
                              drops, he was in the pool while his mother was re-
                              laxing in a lounge chair. Suddenly, she heard "Mom-
                              my, Mommy look at me." When she looked up, she
                              saw him putting his face in the water and doing the
                              dog paddle. The flower essences had worked! There
                              was no forcing or reprimanding, encouraging or lec-
                              turing. The essences had performed their magic, and
                              Allan had received his gift from the flower remedies;
                              like the Cowardly Lion from the Wizard of Oz,
                              Allan had found his courage!

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